Caring for the Carer

Exploring the importance of self-care and the elements that create resilience and peace for those experiencing physical and emotional challenges that inevitably arise within daily life. Our facilitators provide an opportunity for participants to reflect, replenish and leave motivated to make resilience and self-care a foundation for living.

Aim of the Workshop

For participants to learn:

  • How to build resilience in the face of challenging circumstances
  • The importance of self-care and how to incorporate into daily life
  • Provide an experience of deep relaxation
  • How to manage emotions and recognise burnout and to identify what helps


  • Creating vibrant peace and living well – The 4 Cs for peace of mind
  • Managing emotions – Volcano and Mansion of Emotions
  • Experience benefits of relaxation guided by facilitator
  • Recognising burnout and strategies to help


"It's been a fantastic week! Good to be with other carers who understand the challenges of having loved ones with mental health issues. Lots of great healthy food, yoga and meditation. Good information and meeting new people. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone involved." - Joh
"The Quest for Life Carers program is exceptional in providing skills, techniques connections and a way forward that relates to each person attending. Surprisingly relevant and motivating." - Susan

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