Your Life Matters

This 1 or 2-day workshop is for communities, organisations, carers or anyone feeling the effects of stress due to natural disasters, overwhelming grief, depression, loss or trauma.

Participants learn ways to build resilience and emotional intelligence and learn practical tools, strategies and skills to live well in challenging circumstances. Explore how to create inner peace, manage feelings better and easily incorporate relaxation into everyday life.

Learn ways to live well in challenging circumstances


  • 4 key principles of resilience and peace of mind
  • Relaxation and visualisation as practical and effective tools for challenging circumstances
  • Symptoms of stress and what helps
  • Meditation and mindfulness as a foundation for living
  • Moving from reaction to response
  • How to manage emotions and recognise burnout and to identify what helps
  • Regulating our emotions (day 2)
  • Language of reaction and response (day 2)

Expected outcomes

  • Highly motivated to implement strategies for self-care
  • Excited, rather than overwhelmed by life
  • Deeper understanding of neuroplasticity and the brain's ability to change
  • Equipped with tools and strategies for remaining calm during change or turbulence
  • A greater respect for an individual’s ‘story’
  • Feeling empowered in difficult circumstances


So refreshing, breathtaking, positive and HELPFUL. Carmel, Narrabri
Your Life Matters workshops are AWESOME!! - Don, Warren
This is the most beneficial workshop I've done in years. Petrea is absolutely inspirational. Barbara, Coonamble
Everyone in our communities need this - Kate, Warren
Everyone has struggles, we live in a harsh environment. This workshop really helps. These are skills for life - a better life where you bring your best self. - Lee, Coonamble

Do yourself a favour! Try and go. Suzanne, Coonamble

I believe the Quest for Life workshops have understood, targeted and met the needs that exist in small rural and remote communities.

I believe their success stems from the following:

  • Credibility that comes from the highly respected Petrea King and the Quest for Life Foundation, being a not-for-profit charity, with a proven track record and years of experience.
  • Quest highlighted the fact that we're all individuals seeking our own answers to resilience and peace of mind, rather than there being a ‘one-size fits all’ magic bullet offered as a hard sell solution.
  • Their comprehensive and holistic approach (mental, physical and spiritual), backed by the latest medical research into areas such as health and well-being, meditation and mindfulness, neuroscience and epigenetics and communication.
  • Targeting the whole community including the often unsung and overlooked heroes that struggle in the background, particularly women and children. First responders and educators are also often overlooked, without sufficient support.
  • Empowering people with practical tools and skills. This enables them to move from the mindset of helpless victim of external circumstances to being proactive and in control through choices they make and in the way they respond.
  • The dedicated hardworking team behind Petrea who work with compassion and empathy and are prepared to listen and seek to always be helpful. This can be seen in the timing and content of the workshops.
  • Lastly, the highly regarded and much loved Petrea who willingly shares her own inspiring story of triumph over adversity and leads by example practicing what she preaches. Her skillful delivery is tailor-made to workshop participants.

I've received nothing but positive feedback from people thankful for the opportunity to attend a workshop, particularly the one at night.

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Tom, Warren

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