Moving Beyond Trauma

About the Moving Beyond Trauma program

If you are living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and want to heal the past and bring relief to the troubled body, mind and spirit in a confidential safe environment, we can help you. Our interactive group education program offers an effective and wholistic approach to managing and healing post-trauma suffering in a confidential and safe environment.

Moving Beyond Trauma is specifically designed to assist people with post-trauma stress symptoms to reclaim their lives and create greater control over their emotional equilibrium and their lifestyle choices. It is based on the latest research into neuroplasticity and epigenetics. 

Our results show a significant improvement in participants' quantified well-being immediately after attending a program, and your improvement increases with time.

Why seek help?

The damaging effects of traumatic experiences affect people from all walks of life. Survivors of serious accidents, natural disasters, rape, domestic violence, childhood trauma, bullying, crime, torture, war, seeing/hearing/witnessing a crisis or catastrophe, and other horrifying events may develop PTSD symptoms. People in professions such as the military, firefighters, paramedics, emergency workers, police officers, victims of childhood sexual abuse, and psychologists are also vulnerable to this debilitating condition.

Drawing on an understanding of trauma, its effect on the brain, and special techniques of yoga, mindfulness, relaxation and meditation, you will learn practical skills and tools which bring relief to your troubled body, mind and spirit. Throughout the program you will explore and experience methods to use in everyday life for healing the nervous system and managing the mind and emotions.

With regular practice of what you will learn on the program, the intensity of PTSD symptoms can be managed and significantly reduced, restoring hope and quality of life. Post-traumatic growth is possible as you learn to manage your brain more effectively.


About the program team

The highly experienced professional team which educates, encourages and supports participants over the 5-day program includes psychologists, counsellors, massage therapist, naturopath and a yoga teacher who, together, provide a holistic program that addresses the mind, body and spirit of each participant. The team are all trained in trauma-informed care and use a whole person, recovery-oriented approach.

Course Co-Ordinator

Esther Mckay, a former forensic investigator with NSW Police was instrumental in setting up the first PTSD support groups for police in NSW. Esther helped Quest to develop and implement the Moving Beyond Trauma program. She now works with Police Legacy as Project Coordinator to continue her work in supporting police.

You will leave this course:

  • with a simple, practical framework for understanding and managing the complexity of PTSD symptoms
  • with a toolkit of strategies and practical skills to help restore your emotional equilibrium
  • with a much deeper understanding of yourself and others
  • feeling new confidence in your ability and skill to embrace life’s challenges
  • feeling optimistic, empowered and capable 
  • with a greater appreciation of your story and your potential to heal
  • able to respond to situations rather than react.

Our nationally acclaimed programs change people’s lives in practical and positive ways and people generally leave confident in their ability to meet the significant challenges they face.


"I am a Vietnam veteran diagnosed in 1995 with chronic PTSD and chronic depression. In the last 25 years, I have had 14 admissions into psychiatric hospitals, some short stays, and some as long as 3 months. Although the help I received, on these admissions, assisted with my ongoing survival, it wasn’t until I attended the 'Moving Beyond Trauma' program at Quest for Life that I finally found the peace and tools for personal growth beyond PTSD that I have been searching for, for so long.

Although the course was intense, the client to staff ratio was incredible. There were 9 clients with 7 support staff including counsellors, very experienced psychologists, naturopaths, massage therapists, yoga experts along with recovering PTSD sufferers. And of course the incredible experience and wisdom of Petrea King, the inspirational leader of this wonderful, amazing place of healing and peace.

In my humble opinion, the PTSD programs available here would benefit all levels of veterans of all wars and perhaps put the brakes on the appalling number of suicides, which are increasing weekly.” Dave 

"The course has made me want to embrace life for the first time in years. I believe that it was my calling in life to serve. I am confident now that I will be able to serve the community again one day. Hopefully soon." Bob

"I had heard that Petrea King did great things for people dying and their families. I had never thought that it could possibly help me with PTSD. Meditation, hah, nothing that a tough ex-cop would be involved in. In fact, nearly everything over the next few days took me out of my comfort zone. Nothing was forced upon me, but you could feel the encouragement and support, not just from the other participants, but everyone. A quick chat with the kitchen staff one early morning, not only surprised me, but put a smile on my face. As a group we discussed a lot of common sense things/ideas that I had forgotten. I realized that I was in a habit, a bad habit of not trusting anyone and never showing emotions. The resources that were given will be a continual help throughout life." NSW Police Officer

"I recently spent 5 days at Quest for Life in Bundanoon, without doubt the best decision I've ever made. Spending 5 days with people from all walks of life who have been struggling to understand and find alternative ways of dealing with stressful situations was made clear with a non-judgemental approach. I would recommend Quest to anyone in need of some quality time with professional support." John

"I was present at the retreat and found the week a very positive experience. To hear the other stories and know they are vastly different, but the symptoms have a very similar way of presenting themselves was enlightening, and helped me realise that I'm not alone, even when things are confusing and scary. To have the peace and space to feel calm when you have not felt that in a long time is precious beyond measure. The meditation is extremely helpful and I felt safe enough to open some doors to those difficult memories and emotions I try so hard to ignore. If you have the opportunity to go on this retreat, you will come home with more positives and a somewhat lighter step...and a rainbow to keep you safe." Sonja 


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