ReQuest - Refresher for Past Participants

Interactive Online Program

Maybe a little time has passed, or you've had some new challenges, or you'd like a reminder of the strategies and tools you learnt in a Quest program.

Join Petrea King and Wendie Batho in this 2-day Interactive Online Program to refresh the practical strategies you learnt on your 5-day program, and dive deeper into creating happiness, health and healing.

Enjoy time out as you re-engage with tools which create emotional resilience and peace of mind.

Limited spaces. For past participants of a 5-day program at Quest only.


  • 4 key principles of resilience and peace of mind
  • Meditation and mindfulness as a foundation for peace
  • Improving our memory, concentration and discernment
  • Understanding the power of inner stability
  • Knowing ourselves more deeply
  • Practical strategies for helping ourselves


  • Excited, rather than overwhelmed by life
  • Deeper understanding of neuroplasticity and the brain's ability to change
  • Equipped with tools and strategies for remaining calm during change
  • A greater respect for an individual’s ‘story’
  • Feeling empowered in challenging circumstances


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