Moving Beyond Trauma - For Bushfire affected communities

Interactive Online Program 

The fires are out but the frustration is high, and now with the added challenge of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are all trying to draw upon resources from an already empty bucket. When we are exposed to prolonged stress, our alert systems are switched on all the time. Quest for Life's team can help you understand how trauma impacts the brain and teach you tools and strategies to ease your anxiety and trauma, to help you relax and sleep.

Our Quest-trained counsellors and therapists have extensive experience working with individuals and communities living with the aftermath of, or during, natural disasters.

About the program

While there's no quick-fix solution for those living with trauma, Quest for Life's Moving Beyond Trauma program enables people to take time out of their life, and by using the latest research into neuroplasticity and epigenetics, begin the necessary journey towards finding peace and recovery. Drawing on an understanding of trauma and its effect on the brain, our interactive group education program offers an effective and holistic approach to managing and healing post-trauma suffering in a confidential, non-judgmental and nurturing environment.

The following information is currently tailored to you, our participant, in an online format due to COVID-19. The program is interactive with questions, insights and comments addressed in real time. Participant numbers are limited to ensure personal attention is available for each person.

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The damaging effects of traumatic experiences affect people from all walks of life. Survivors of serious accidents, natural disasters, rape, domestic violence, childhood trauma, bullying, crime, torture, war, seeing/hearing/witnessing a crisis or catastrophe, and other horrifying events may develop PTSD symptoms. People in professions such as the military, firefighters, paramedics, emergency workers, police officers, victims of childhood sexual abuse, and psychologists are also vulnerable to this debilitating condition.

Drawing on an understanding of trauma, its effect on the brain, and special techniques of yoga, mindfulness, relaxation and meditation, you will learn practical skills and tools which bring relief to your troubled body, mind and spirit. Throughout the program you will explore and experience methods to use in everyday life for healing the nervous system and managing the mind and emotions.

With regular practice of what you will learn on the program, the intensity of PTSD symptoms can be managed and significantly reduced, restoring hope and quality of life. Post-traumatic growth is possible as you learn to manage your brain more effectively.


  • with a simple, practical framework for understanding and managing the complexity of PTSD symptoms
  • with a toolkit of strategies and practical skills to help restore your emotional equilibrium
  • with a much deeper understanding of yourself and others
  • feeling new confidence in your ability and skill to embrace life’s challenges
  • feeling optimistic, empowered and capable
  • with a greater appreciation of your story and your potential to heal
  • able to respond to situations rather than react.

Our nationally acclaimed programs change people’s lives in practical and positive ways and people generally leave confident in their ability to meet the significant challenges they face.


"Being able to participate in the online experience was such a gift. The technology side went smoothly. It was uplifting to see the faces of the group members. The forum created a space to feel, share and connect around realities, fears, hopes and journey with these personal experiences and with others' experiences over the 5 days. Petrea's knowledge, experience and information was shared kindly and respectfully. I was able to personally re-connect with myself in a more stable way than I had been managing previously. I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity." -- Thank you. Liz F, 60 years

"It was great to meet Petrea, and some of the past and future attendees of the retreat, even though the face to face event wasn’t possible. I realĺy enjoyed the easy and supportive interactions which worked well in zoom. It was a great taster for the retreat and also useful for the present in thinking about new ways to react to the present situation." -- Christine, 57 years

"I think zoom is a great delivery system and gives a feeling of comfort. l found there was a level of intimacy in its delivery and seeing everyone just allows you to relax. Go for gold." -- Thankyou xx Bev C 70 years 

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