Living Mindfully: With Post-Trauma Symptoms (PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress symptoms are experienced by people who have been exposed to a single stressful and traumatic event (eg. a motor vehicle accident, witnessing or being the victim of a crime/sexual assault/domestic violence/bullying, seeing/hearing/witnessing a crisis or catastrophe), or from long and repeated exposure to stressful events, images, stories or tasks (eg. police, health professionals, first responders, veterans, victims of childhood sexual abuse).

Regardless of whether the post-trauma stress symptoms were stimulated by one or many exposures to stress, the effects can be profound for the person experiencing them. Developing post-trauma stress symptoms has nothing to do with strength of character, courage, training or experience. It is an injury to the brain and nervous system of a person’s body and has nothing to do with personality or character.

In this encouraging and uplifting workshop, Petrea King outlines the exciting developments in understanding how trauma impacts the brain and body and the evidence-based therapies and practices that heal both the brain and nervous system.

This workshop is interactive – questions and discussion are welcome.

Topics include

  • Moving from reacting to responding
  • Neuroplasticity – healing a traumatised brain/nervous system
  • Epigenetics – how YOU can make a difference
  • Mindfulness and living in the present

You’ll leave this day

  • Equipped with knowledge and practical strategies to calm your brain and nervous system
  • Knowing how to respond rather than react to triggering people and situations
  • Understanding the keys to peace and resilience
  • Motivated to move forward in your life – and feeling equipped to do so


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