Living Mindfully: Change Your Brain - Change Your Life

Join Tamika Dwight-Scott and Kate MacRae for a day where you can gain information on neuroplasticity and ways to change your brain. This 1-day workshop will be filled with opportunities to have fun through experiential exercises, interaction with others as well as learning some meditation and mindfulness techniques. You’ll learn how to change your thoughts to change your life.

This informative, practical and experiential 1-day workshop discusses the latest evidence-based principles of neuroplasticity – empowering you, providing hope and inspiring you. The good news is – you can change your brain. This 1-day workshop will empower you to strengthen and improve your brain in ways once believed impossible.

The workshop will cover

  • Explanation of the science behind neuroplasticity
  • How you can use your mind to change your brain
  • Support you to overcome stress, loss, relationship issues, and trauma
  • Practical tools to change habits and adopt new behaviours
  • Techniques on how to overcome the brain’s negativity bias
  • Mindfulness techniques which allow you to be in the NOW
  • Experience the benefits of connecting with your body through mindful movement and meditation.

Who will benefit from attending this workshop?

  • Anybody who wants to increase happiness, resilience and peace in their life
  • People who want to decrease anxiety, depression and stress
  • Those who want to learn how to be more responsive and less reactive
  • If you want to be more connected to your body through gentle Yoga practices, breath work, mindfulness and meditation
  • People who want to hardwire self-compassion and contentment into their brain

You will leave this workshop with

  • Increased awareness that whilst you have a brain, you have the capacity to change your brain
  • Techniques on how you can make a conscious choice to respond to challenges in your life
  • Techniques on how to relax your body through mindful movement, meditation and mindfulness


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