Living Mindfully: Caring for the Carer

A 1-day workshop focusing on your health and wellbeing

Living with and caring for someone who has a serious illness, chronic pain, mental health diagnosis or a psychological disorder can be distressing.

Ultimately, carers need to care for themselves so they can care for others. This one-day workshop, facilitated by Petrea King, focuses on self-care and the 3 keys to leading a more resilient life:

  1. Acceptance - learning to accept what has happened to us, which allows us to become an active participator in meeting the challenge.
  2. Response - moving beyond reacting out of despair to embracing the challenge before us.
  3. Forgiveness - the inner process by which we liberate ourselves from the consequences of feeling wounded in the past.

Leave this workshop with:

  • The ability to manage the full range of emotions associated with being a carer
  • Tools for self-care
  • Motivated to implement strategies for self-care
  • The ability to maintain hope, humour and optimism. 



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