Living Mindfully: With Grief

Learn ways to ease the aching void and find your equilibrium again on this interactive workshop with Petrea King.

Grief confronts us with deeper questions about our own existence and breaks us open to feelings that may be profoundly disquieting. It seems there is little we can do to prepare for the death of a loved one. Even when we have known for weeks, months or years that a loved one is destined to die from their disease or circumstance, when our loved-one dies, we’re often in shock as we enter the bewildering landscape of grief. 

A sudden death through an accident, suicide or crime leaves us numb and bereft. Our shocked and muddled mind struggles to come to terms with the enormity of our loss, how and why it happened and what, if anything, we or others could have done to prevent it from happening. The confidence or certainty with which we viewed our life changes abruptly and we have no idea how or if we will re-create a life worth living. Healing grief is possible


  • A spiritual perspective on life, love and loss
  • Keys to resilience, peace and healing
  • Meditation, relaxation and mindfulness as a foundation for life
  • Caring for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Making meaning of grief and loss
  • Re-inventing yourself after loss

Expected outcomes

  • Less isolated and with a greater sense of connection
  • Increased ability to live in the present moment
  • Equipped with communication strategies for difficult conversations
  • Understanding the need and value of self-care
  • More understanding of self and with an increased respect for your own story
  • Tools to build confidence and capabilities to function effectively on ‘bad’ days



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