Petrea King CDs

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    Be Calm CD

    Track 1 An introduction to the practice of Coming to Your Senses (2 mins)

    Track 2 Coming to Your Senses Meditation

    This simple practice is sanity saving! Use it regularly to remind yourself of the power of the present moment. This practice will transform your life in profoundly positive ways by connecting you to the presence of the moment (9 mins).

    Track 3 Be Calm Meditation

    Petrea guides you through a progressive relaxation that descends through the body and leads you into a deep state of calm. You will find that the regular use of this practice allows you to return throughout your day to a space of inner calm and peace. In this stillness you will gain access to your creativity, insight and wisdom and these will support you in your day to day choices and decisions (22 mins).

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