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    Sometimes Hearts Have to Break

    It sometimes takes a lifetime to bring us to our full glory. And sometimes it takes a life-threatening illness. The events of our lives, however tragic, can be a catalyst by which we shed all that stands in the way of us feeling deeply alive and at peace.
    For people facing death the challenge to find peace is more urgent. They must struggle to find understanding, acceptance and meaning in what is happening to them.

    This is Petrea's story, when diagnosed with leukaemia and given only a few weeks to live, and the stories of twenty-five of those whose lives she has enriched and been enriched by in turn. Full of quiet courage, humour, wisdom and joy, these inspirational stories are a reminder of the importance of inner peace and the need to create an environment for healing within ourselves, our families and our communities.

    People living with grief through bereavement find this book a source of comfort, inspiration, hope and profound healing.

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