Your support gives hope... helping people to heal

Your donation enables Quest to provide services to people suffering with their mental or physical health.

After an unforgettable year of drought, bushfires, floods, the impact of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown, many people found the experiences exacerbated underlying issues including anxiety, grief, loss, loneliness, depression, isolation, exhaustion, and despair.

Quest is now conducting a residential program almost every week to accommodate the increased demand for our services. We also provide a large number of online events to reach a wide audience.

Your donations help bushfire and trauma-affected people and communities

The increased demand for Quest programs from participants struggling with mental distress, physical illnesses, multiple losses and challenges has put a financial strain on our organisation as many people need financial support to attend.

Quest increased the number of Moving Beyond Trauma programs to accommodate the influx of participants, many of whom are impacted professionally through their work as police officers/paramedics/fire-fighters and veterans. We’ve also seen a sharp rise in men and women impacted by domestic violence attending the Moving Beyond Trauma program. Some participants grew up witnessing domestic violence and continue to be negatively impacted as adults, while others are endeavouring to break the cycle of entering abusive relationships.

Long-term research on the impact of Quest programs found that over 90% of participants had improved their quality of life and felt more in control of, and able to make changes to, their life.

Our Appeal to you…

Please help us expand our services for people most in need!

With every program, we witness the amazing transformation of people who refuse to be defined by the physical, mental or emotional trauma in their lives. People arrive at Quest feeling broken, anxious, grief-stricken, distressed or depressed and, by the end of the week, they’re filled with joy and hope, and well on their way to healing. With the right tools, skills and strategies and a safe and healing environment, Quest makes a profound difference in people’s lives.

We are so grateful and appreciate the generosity of the Quest community, which has enabled us to deliver our programs and workshops to over 125,000 people over the last 31 years. In these times of change and uncertainty, your tax-deductible donation will help us continue to provide our services to people most in need of them.

Please help us continue this important work by making a tax-deductible donation via our secure online donation form. Thank you for your consideration and support, which are deeply appreciated.