Building Resilience

Building Resilience is a program designed for people living in challenging life circumstances. The program enables participants to learn and share about the importance of self-care and the elements that build resilience. Participants will explore how to create inner peace, manage feelings better and how to easily incorporate relaxation into their everyday life.

Aim of the Workshop

For participants to learn

  • How to build resilience in the face of challenging circumstances
  • The importance of self-care and how to incorporate into daily life
  • Provide an experience of deep relaxation
  • How to manage emotions and recognise burnout and to identify what helps
  • Strategies

  • Creating vibrant peace and living well – The 4 Cs for peace of mind
  • Managing emotions – Volcano and Mansion of Emotions
  • Experience benefits of relaxation guided by facilitator
  • Recognising burnout and strategies to help