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Take a Stand for Life

For people wanting to make positive changes in their life and enhance their personal relationships.

Take a Stand for Life is a nurturing residential retreat for people ready to take the next steps on their path of personal and spiritual development.

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Introduction to the Take a Stand for Life Retreat

None of us know how much time we have left. What is important is that we learn to live each day as fully as possible and make sure we are putting our energy into what is most important for us. This requires us to take a stand for our life, what we want to achieve and how we want to develop the important relationships in our lives.

This retreat is specifically designed to develop skills to support a rich and rewarding life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There will be stretching and meditation before breakfast, Quest's wonderful delicious food, fresh juice breaks, access to one-on-one massage and counselling. Plus there is the added bonus of spending 5 days in the company of others who are travelling a similar path. On top of this we will be building on your life skills through a deepening of your understanding of how human beings grow, developing greater mastery over your feeling states, discovering how to tap into your innate personal power and build on your interpersonal skills. This nurturing and skill development is all in support of the central theme of our time together – getting clear on what is really important for you right now, and what sort of stand you are willing to take for it.

Like all Quest for Life retreats, you will be supported to find your own answers to these questions and go at your own pace as you come to terms with what’s important for you now.

You will leave this retreat: 

  • knowing how to create an environment for physical healing
  • understanding yourself more deeply
  • with practical tools for meditation and healing
  • feeling inspired and confident to embrace your challenges in a positive way
  • brimful of valuable insights and knowledge and an ability to find your own best answers
  • with an enlivened spirit
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“Overall it has been a perfect week as I am going home feeling much better physically, and a better man. I have learnt practical tools in my life to create more peace.” Mark 

“It was a practical experience of support; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Good scientific information with practical instructions for application into daily life. It was a non dogmatic approach for us to make our own choices.” Harry