Norman Zylberberg

Norman is the longest serving member of the board, having been a director of Quest for Life Foundation for almost 30 years, with a short break along the way. In 1986, a year after his son Charlie died of cancer, and at Petrea's request, he helped to set up the Foundation along with three other founding directors. His contribution is in giving sage advice, and in steering and negotiation.

His background education is in the law - he was admitted as a barrister in South Africa shortly before immigrating to Australia in 1966. After working in the corporate world, including being a legal officer at Hunter Douglas and then Ciba Geigy, he became a member of the corporate finance division at the investment bank Ord-BT (Ord Minnett Bankers Trust). In 1974 he left that position to take up full time property development, and in his seventies, he is still working actively in this field.

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